LVMH bought an 80 percent stake in Rimowa for 640 million euros (then $716 million) in 2016 and is run by Alexandre Arnault (one of the sons of LVMH’s billionaire CEO Bernard Arnault) and Dieter Morszeck, grandson of Rimowa’s founder.

Abloh said that Alexandre Arnault, as well as Rimowa’s Chief Brand Officer Hector Muelas and the film’s director Dexter Navy, share his idea that advertising campaigns should not simply be product shots on billboards. “We are part of a generation that is rethinking campaigns, campaigns that have sort of gotten to be like a dirty word in a way, with sort of like here, hold this product, put the image on a billboard, and hopefully people buy it because they see an image,” he said in a video interview Rimowa released as part of the brand campaign.

But Abloh’s video is not necessarily a film that will directly sell products, in a world where marketers are under pressure to prove their campaigns lead to short-term sales. “In my mind, you know, there is sort of two types of commercial. One that’s sort of like directly selling a product. And then there’s another type which is sort of framing up the product and messaging, why this product exists and what makes it special,” Abloh told CNBC.

“I would say that this commercial is the latter of those two scenarios. It’s about the people behind the product and the types of people that connect with the product and connect with the brand.”


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