Hawaii residents on Sunday were bracing for the arrival of Hurricane Douglas, which was threatening to bring sustained winds near 85 miles per hour and torrential rainfall in some areas, forecasters said.

If Douglas, which was downgraded to a Category 1, reaches the islands, it would be only the third hurricane in modern times to do so. The storm was about 60 miles northeast of Honolulu on Sunday night and was expected to pass near the islands of Oahu and Kauai later in the night.

Hurricane warnings were in effect for the counties that include the islands of Kauai, Niihau and Oahu, the National Hurricane Center said in an advisory on Sunday.

Hurricane conditions, including heavy rainfall, could continue into Monday, the center said. A tropical storm warning was in effect for the Island of Hawaii earlier Sunday.

“Douglas will pass dangerously close to, or over, the islands today, bringing a triple threat of hazards, including, but not limited to, damaging winds, flooding rainfall and dangerously high surf,” the center said on Sunday.

The combination of high water levels, storm surge and large breaking waves could raise water levels by as much as two feet above normal tides near the center of the storm, the center warned.

There can still be hurricane-force winds in an area with a tropical storm warning because of the islands’ steep terrain, including mountains, the center said.

Forecasters predicted three to six inches of rain on the main Hawaiian islands, possibly contributing to flash flooding and landslides.

Earlier in the day, Maui County asked residents to shelter in place or move to an emergency shelter immediately if they lacked a safe place to weather the storm. Much of the county has already been through the brunt of the storm with minimal damage, said Mayor Michael Victorino of Maui County.

Tourism has been severely affected by both the storm and the coronavirus pandemic, Mr. Victorino said. On any given day, the county received about 8,000 visitors. Over the last few days, there have been less than 50 visitors per day, which has made the job of emergency management much easier.

“That was the blessing,” Mr. Victorino said. “We didn’t have to work so hard and concern ourselves with the visitors.”

Upon entering the state, all travelers have a mandatory 14-day self-quarantine. Maui’s visitors are sheltering in place at hotels, Mr. Victorino said. If it becomes dangerous, local shelters can separate those who are self-quarantining or who have the coronavirus.


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